Bénédicte Blanc-Fontenille

Yves Lévêque
April 7, 2016
Jane Le Besque
April 7, 2016
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Bénédicte Blanc-Fontenille



Sharing a moment of fragility alongside Bénédicte Blanc-Fontenille

Bénédicte Blanc-Fontenille was born in Paris. Having always been drawn to American gigantism, she decides to fly over to Miami. Her work conveys aconstant quest for movement, as she considers the latter to represent life. She therefore centers theentire basis of her artwork around the concept offragility. For it is this fragility that pushes humans forward into a constantly renewed instant.Be it man’s fragility as represented through outlines or objects, she wishes to convey the message that nothing ever lasts forever. Everything is reborn ,everything is constantly moving, everything is a succession of things. As far as she’s concerned ,each and every one of her art work could be entitled «moment» or «passage». By cleverly playing with lines, colours, rocks, architecture or human outlines, she manages to depict the present moment, upon which reflects the future.

Bénédicte Blanc-Fontenille, born in 1961, in Paris, France