Didier Guillon

Quentin Garel
March 9, 2016
Isao (Llorens Ishikawa)
March 9, 2016
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Didier Guillon


When Art meets Beauty

Didier Guillon quotes Art as his main source of inspiration.

The passion for art is like a “fil rouge” in Didier Guillon’s family and he became interested in art from a very young age. He grew to acquire both a good knowledge as well as a taste for modern and contemporary art, two areas which are very dear to him. Following some Law and Management studies, Didier Guillon occupies several marketing positions in France before moving to Switzerland and buying the cosmetic company Valmont. He quotes Artas his main source of inspiration when coming up with a new product or range of products for his company. All of Valmont’s visuals are conceived within a precise artistic guidance, which subsequently givesway to a penned drawing and some colour-pickingas selected by Didier Guillon. Staying true to his apasionado reputation, he regularly creates art work,such as ‘La cage à allégories’ which was created in partnership alongside the Martinoli Company.

Didier Guillon, born in Paris in 1953, France