Frederic Amat

Nathalie Miquel Aubert
April 7, 2016
Riccardo Cordero
April 7, 2016
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Frederic Amat


Precocious, pluridisciplinary and brilliant

Frederic Amat develops a sense of expressionism charged with great symbolic strength.

Frederic Amat is both a precocious and pluridisciplinairy artist. Throughout the 70’s, he decides to engage in a wide exploration that will take him to the territories of Northern Africa, Mexico, and the United States. This journey will profoundly influence his work. He develops a senseof expressionism charged with great symbolic strength, and channeled through rituals, magic and religion. The great array of languages and material she uses with Maestria through monumental public artworks, theatrical scenography, movies and paintings, but also in photographs, book sand posters sets him up as one of the most prolificand talented artists of his generation.

Frederic Amat, born in 1952, in Barcelona, Spain