Jane Le Besque

Bénédicte Blanc-Fontenille
April 7, 2016
Couple Baoulé
An ethnic Baoulé couple
April 7, 2016
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Jane Le Besque


Photo by Philippe Tarbouriech 

A world of nature and paintings

Fascinated by paintings and nature, Jane Le Besque draws her inspiration from observing berries, fungus,flowers, vines and leaves.

Upon achieving her studies at the Fine Arts of Paris, Jane leaves to go and work in Toulouse and London before finally settling in Geneva. Fascinated by paintings and nature, she draws her inspiration from observing berries, fungus, flowers, vines and leaves. The same material she uses in both her artistic and culinary creations, the latter of which is her second passion. Whilst traditional gardens are usually conceived with a view to display the power of men over nature, Jane uses it as a platform to exhibit her resorting to subtle force and inventiveness to remain free. By doing so, she creates a contemporary andimaginary world, ridden with poetry and fragility, which only belongs to her, but should really belongto us all.

Jane Le Besque, born in Canterbury, England, in 1965