Leonardo Cimolin

Mitsu Haraguchi
April 7, 2016
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Leonardo Cimolin


Leonardo Cimolin, the glass-making craftsmanship

The «Venezia Crepa» artwork simultaneously encapsulates poetry and pain.

Born to two Venice natives, Leonardo Cimolin grows very fond of Venetian culture, as well as the art of glassmaking. Throughout his career, he has had the opportunity to work alongside world-renowned artists in order to come up with contemporary glass-made artworks. The «Venezia Crepa» artworks imultaneously encapsulates poetry and pain. This reflects upon the glass’ exterior appearance, and is chiefly obtained through a technique named “molded fusion”, this process gave birth to one of Venice’s most popular sight : The Ca’ d’Oro’s façade. Both the colour and peculiar shape were exclusively designed for the collection, which conjures up the link between the city and the water element. The core notion that stands out throughout all of Cimolin’s work is that of ‘beauty’, as he invites the audience to give the latter all of the attention and appreciation it deserves.

Leonardo Cimolin, born in 1971, in Venice, Italy.