Nathalie Miquel Aubert

Yves Bélorgey
March 9, 2016
Frederic Amat
April 7, 2016
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Nathalie Miquel Aubert


Human body through painting and sculpting

Sharing Nathalie Miquel Aubert’s passion, or the art of playing with the human body

Nathalie was born in Paris in 1959. In spite of her city roots, it is at her family’s place in Aveyron that she experiences her first encounter with the bliss of nature. The earth invokes in her a new kind of energy. She first orientates her career towards the graphic arts, before working in advertising for a while. After becoming a mother for the third time running, she decides to create her own furniture company exclusively dedicated to children. It is only after going back to her roots during a trip back to Aubrac that she reconnects with that former inner energy, and lets her passion run free : through painting and sculpting. Nathalie Aubert subsequently leaves France for Spain, where she will thoroughly dedicate herself to minutely paint and sculpt every aspect of the human body : her favourite material. She knows the perfect balance in a movement, the right concordance between lines and expressed sensuality, here by giving birth to a singular and unique expression of the human body.

Nathalie Miquel Aubert, born in 1959 in Paris, France