Quentin Garel

Joan Gardy Artigas
March 9, 2016
Didier Guillon
March 9, 2016
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Quentin Garel


A bestial and noble virtuoso

Quentin Garel lets the animals express themselves while truly voicing that of men.

Young Parisian Quentin Garel is a virtuoso of drawings and sizes; indeed, just like an architector a cabinet maker, he assembles pieces together in an attempt to create skulls and heads. Bestiaries are made of wood, bronze, iron or china. These materials are all noble, and so are their shapes. This job gives is a token for poetry, as animals turn into contemporary sculptures, conceptual ones even. Through his artwork, consisting of trophies, skulls, mouths, and wooden faces, Garel seemingly lets the animals’ voices beheard while truly voicing that of men.

Quentin Garel, born in 1975 in Paris, France