Riccardo Cordero

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April 7, 2016
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April 7, 2016
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Riccardo Cordero


Sculptor by calling

Riccardo Cordero, a play of spaces and volumes.

Born in Alba, an Italian province located to the North-West of Cuneo, Riccardo Cordero studies atthe Torino’s Academy of Fine Arts in Albertine, near Torino. A sculptor by calling, he skil fully plays with spaces and volumes from the outset of his career onwards. What certainly makes his work so unique and sets him apart from other artists is his use of multiple industrial materials. Throughout the 70’s, he extends his playfield to accommodate bigger artworks. These will soon become his trademark in the artistic spheres, and will go on to being exhibited in public places such as the Secondary School Garden of Rozzano, near Milano as well as other great exhibition venues across Italy and abroad.

Riccardo Cordero, born in 1942 in Alba, Italy