The Artists

  • Yves Lévêque

    Earth : A mirror to our world Everything seems to be leading back to the centre of Yves Lévêque’s meditation : the earth, fields, insects, birds, […]
  • Yves Bélorgey

    The modern city and buildings as an art subject In an attempt to replicate reality, Yves Bélorgey takes photographs of buildings which will subsequently constitute the […]
  • Tom Powell

    Hydra view Mooring in the Hydra harbour and staring at this Greek village’s scenery alongside Tom Powell. Born in France in 1987, Tom Powell wasn’t always […]
  • Riccardo Cordero

    Sculptor by calling Riccardo Cordero, a play of spaces and volumes. Born in Alba, an Italian province located to the North-West of Cuneo, Riccardo Cordero studies […]
  • Quentin Garel

    A bestial and noble virtuoso Quentin Garel lets the animals express themselves while truly voicing that of men. Young Parisian Quentin Garel is a virtuoso of […]
  • Nathalie Miquel Aubert

    Human body through painting and sculpting Sharing Nathalie Miquel Aubert’s passion, or the art of playing with the human body Nathalie was born in Paris in […]
  • Mitsu Haraguchi

    Nature expressed through watercolor, a singular style Upon visiting the town of Poughkeepsie, back in 2014, Mitsu Haraguchi instantly fell in love with the place, one […]
  • Leonardo Cimolin

    Leonardo Cimolin, the glass-making craftsmanship The «Venezia Crepa» artwork simultaneously encapsulates poetry and pain. Born to two Venice natives, Leonardo Cimolin grows very fond of Venetian […]
  • Lee Jung Woong

    Tradition and Modernity A fusion of Oriental tradition with Western modernism Lee Jung Woong first came to fame with his now famous oil-on-Korean-rice-paper paintings; all of […]
  • Joan Gardy Artigas

    Poetry, eroticism and freedom Joan Gardy Artigas’ art works conjure up themes such as tolerance, poetry, irony, eroticism, but most of all… freedom. As a child, […]
  • Jane Le Besque

    Photo by Philippe Tarbouriech  A world of nature and paintings Fascinated by paintings and nature, Jane Le Besque draws her inspiration from observing berries, fungus,flowers, vines […]
  • Isao (Llorens Ishikawa)

    Naturalist, minimalist and colourful A mix between figuration and abstraction… Isao treats creatures that he turns into symbols of life. After studying in Paris, Isao leaves […]
  • Frederic Amat

    Precocious, pluridisciplinary and brilliant Frederic Amat develops a sense of expressionism charged with great symbolic strength. Frederic Amat is both a precocious and pluridisciplinairy artist. Throughout […]
  • Didier Guillon

    When Art meets Beauty Didier Guillon quotes Art as his main source of inspiration. The passion for art is like a “fil rouge” in Didier Guillon’s […]
  • Bénédicte Blanc-Fontenille

    Fragility Sharing a moment of fragility alongside Bénédicte Blanc-Fontenille Bénédicte Blanc-Fontenille was born in Paris. Having always been drawn to American gigantism, she decides to fly […]
  • An ethnic Baoulé couple

    A celebration of the body through tribal and primitive arts These statues were crafted by the Baoulé Tribe,one of the most significant tribes of the Ivory […]
    Couple Baoulé